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Digital Eye Strain in Children
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At Horvath Vision Lane, we have the best optometrists in Columbus! Our eye doctors offer comprehensive digital vision exams and various eye services 7 days a week. Many contact lens prescriptions are in stock for same day delivery. Schedule a real-time online appointment 24/7 at our Lane Avenue location and experience the difference over 20 years in business makes!




What we offer

Digital Eye Exams

Digital Eye Exams

Horvath Vision Lane combines the precision of advanced digital technology with the personalized touch of our skilled optometrists to protect your precious sight.

Same Day Contact Lens Supplier

Same Day Contact Lens Supplier

Contact lenses are a great option and offer flexibility to our patients. Try lenses on the same day as your exam and go home happy with a supply of contacts today!

Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care
7 Days a Week

Using our electronic health records, we can electronically prescribe the proper medication to preserve your vision and help your eyes heal quickly.


What Makes Us Special!

  • Dry Eye Treatment
    Dry Eye Treatment
    New advanced diagnostic technology
    We are at the forefront of optometrists in Columbus OH managing dry eye with expanded diagnostic testing and treatment.
  • Myopic Management
    Myopic Management
    Decelerate your child’s nearsightedness
    We are taking measures to slow down the progression of myopia in our young patients through research-based myopia control techniques…


  • Lane Avenue Office
    Near OSU main campus on West Lane Avenue

    The Shops on Lane Avenue
    1599 W. Lane Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43221 (map)
    Call or Text: 614-721-4002

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